My Story

"So what do you want to play?"


"You sure you don't want to play euphonium?"

"No, I want to play trumpet."

"But we need a euphonium player."

"...ok, fine.  What's a euphonium?"

That's how it all started, more or less, in a band room in the wilds of Northwest Oregon.  Thirty years later, I'm performing as a euphoniumist, trombonist, and conductor all over the country.  Life's weird, man.

euphonium hero?

No, this isn't a new video game.  No, there is (sadly!) no fully-compensating controller for your xbox.  

Euphonium Hero is a concept.  It's a lifestyle.  It is a WAY.

It is a moment, when you know that the notes on the page need to be projected- not into the audience, not to the back of the hall- but into space and time.  When the passage you're playing doesn't just fill someone's heart, but it could possibly save a universe.  

THAT is the way of the Euphonium Hero.  It is projection.  It is performance.  It is preparation.  It is perfection.

But most of all, it is PASSION.



How do you become a euphonium hero?  All you gotta do is ask, man.